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Aviomar Adventours is committed to protecting the natural and cultural riches of our destination. Improving the sustainability performance of the organization through the promotion of a culture of sustainability, managing our operations in a way that minimizes our environmental and social impacts, allowing the integration of sustainability principles and practices in our daily operations.

Business Ethics
  • Our organization generates and develops plans, strategies and campaigns that promote and support the practice of socially accepted principles and values.
  • Our activities are intended to support the economic growth and social development of the locations where we work, through generation of employment and rejection to practices not applied to the legality.
  • The ethics of our organization rejects all illicit practice that lays the quality of life of the company that discloses violence or that damages the environment.

Sustainability Clauses

  1. The worker is committed to safeguard the natural and cultural riches of our destiny. Improving the sustainability performance of the organization.
  2. The worker is committed to knowing and implementing the social and environmental corporate responsibility of Aviomar Adventours.
  3. The worker commits to have efficient use of energy in the workplace, turn off and disconnect the electronic devices when not in use and it is not necessary to leave on.
  4. The worker is undertaken to do efficient use of the water resource in all locations, will report immediately when you see a leak or situation where water is waste.
  5. The worker will respect the flora and wild fauna that is located in the sensitive locations of the company and the visiting places.
  6. The worker is committed to reduce the use of plastic of a single use in his work center, so that preferable biodegradable and returnable material.
  7. The worker is committed to reduce the use of office paper, only print what is necessary, print a double side, reuse and recycle, prefer the digitization of documents.
  8. The worker is committed to using friendly products with the environment in his work center.
  9. The worker will observe and communicate any illicit situation regarding the management of flora and fauna in their workplace (souvenirs prohibited).
  10. The worker will participate in an active way in the company´s sustainability actions, as workshops, training, beach cleaning, reforestation and other activities.
  11. The worker of the coastal locations and activities that are developed in the sea is committed to respect the marine life and sharing its commitment and social responsibility with the clients.
  12. The worker at the locations in the coastal zones, is committed to use biodegradable products so that it does not affect the marine fauna.
  13. The worker will separate their waste adequately in the containers located in the different locations of Aviomar.
  14. The worker commits to carry out the protocol of action for the protection of girls, children and adolescents in the sector of travel and tourism, when it is perceived of a sensitive situation, according to the guide of the national code of conduct.

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Sustainability Contact Information

For questions and comments related to our sustainability policies, contact the Sustainability Coordination through the following email: